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Gear: Crumpler The Haven M

I consider myself a photo-hobbyist and I never leave home without a camera.  And lugging around a purpose built camera bag doesn’t really quite cover practicality since I usually either carry my office backpack or a messenger bag for my daily go-bag. As you’d imagine, I just stick my camera in there. Now for protection, I picked up a neutral grey colored beannie hat where I stick my camera, be it the GF1 or the 400D.  One other purpose of the Grey beannie hat is that I use it as a white-balance sheet. (trade secret right there). Thing is, it doesn’t really provide that much protection other than keep it warm like when I wear the beannie on my head.

Solution: Crumpler’s The Haven. It basically is a compartmentalized and padded sack for your camera. Comes in Small, Medium and Large. The Medium sized one comfortably fits my 400D with the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 lens and then some other accessories in its main pouch. It’s also got pockets outside which can hold SD cards, lens caps and cable. It works more like a bag organizer with your camera in mind. Stuff it with what everyday camera needs you can, just stick it into your day bag and voila~! Your everyday bag is now also a camera bag. AND it comes in gray!!  But it also comes in different colors.

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Social Networking Etiquette for Filipinos

If you’re a Filipino and you spend every waking minute of your day on Twitter, Facebook or every other social networking site on the interwebz, then I highly suggest you take a minute and watch Lourd de Vera’s video about online etiquette.

Trust me, if you have enough grey matter to be able to put a photo of a dead toe nail on facebook, or tweet about how depressed you are because your goldfish died, this video won’t bore to death and definitely appeal to you.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch this before you humiliate your self by uploading a video of you popping a zit on your nose on Youtube.

Tokyo Pron Shopping with Alex Sim-Wise

So you got to go on your Japan pilgrimage, went around Akihabara and shopped to your hearts content or as your savings allows you to.  But you still got some time left and don’t know what to do.  Then why not drift on over to the Pop Life Department.m’s Shop.  In a nut shell, it’s a sex shop or more appropriateley, a “sex mall”.  But it’s not to be compared with Singapore’s 4 floors of, um, exotics.

Curious? Let Attack of the Show give you a guided tour with Alex Sim-Wise.

UPDATE: Now with JOOTOOB video!!!

Tokyo Pron Shopping with Alex Sim-Wise.

Thigh High Thursday – 2011July 28 Dollism Plus Special pt2

So I know last week’s Dollism Plus special of THT was a tad rushed. I even missed out on a lot of good photos. Anywho, this should be more proper as I have pooled, in my opinion, were the best of the DD sporting Thigh highs during Dollism Plus 6.

Be advised that not all of these are my photos. Credit goes to Avan, Wolfheinrich, Natalie, TonyBSD, , and Hololo. 

Java Shots: Mong Kok (望角)

Back when I was a kid, I used to hate going to Mong Kok (望角). It was too noisy, and too smelly, too crowded.  Throw in a less than memorable experience by mom during those days and you’ve got the perfect formula for a phobia.   I was 5 years old.

Who would’ve thought that 25 years later, it was these very things that I grew up detesting the most as about it would be the very things that I come to love about the place.  Overwhelming noise of the modern city full of life, the smell of cultural cross roads where old and new traditions meet, and the crowd of people from all walks of life converge with nary a worry about where they stand in life. Continue reading

Java Shots: Cafe Dre@min @kiba

Now as I’ve mentioned, Dollism Plus was held July 17, 2011.  The night before, HK Twitter buddy @TonyBSD set up a get together with the Singaporean Dollism+ delegates.  Having known these guys on twitter and on a certain-orange-figure-forum-faux-pas, with the exception of Quentin, it was my first time to meet in person @winterknight00, @gordont_td8316, and “@r@yd3n who prefers not to be named”, as well as several other folk from Singapore (holler back guys, I’m bad with names, XP).   And what better way than to do the meet up at a maid cafe.  As far as I could gather, they had to move the venue the larger of the 2 maid cafes in Mong Kok as we were quite a sizable group. Continue reading