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Dollfie Dream X Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Project

As the lot of you may all be aware of, Volks is hungry and wants your monies again.  And they plan to do it with the help of Type-Moon, creator of the Fate series.  Here’s how they plan to do it.

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Java Shots: Dollism Plus 6

With the 6th Dollism Plus wrapped up, here are some quick snaps and a few quips from what has transpired after another successful Hong Kong doll gathering.  Soon as I sort what little photos I managed to snap, Mikuru will be making a full report of the event as well as introduce someone to you my humble readers.

•Mikuru’s homecoming as it was around this same time, 2 Solar cycles ago that when I picked her up from JR Toys. It was a time long before I knew the magnificent HK doll group, Ms. N and Dollfie World.

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Figure News: Mikatan Figure Previews

Spotted these on Mikatan‘s Twitpic feed:

承りましたー。figmaのガハラさんとありゃり�… on Twitpic.

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Volks News: DD Saber Lily in Dollpa 24

News is out and Volks Dollpa24 happens on the 12th of December 2010. What could possibly be the culminating event for the Dollfie Dream 7th Anniversary.

Cover of Volks News 41

If you’ve got 95000 JPY lying around, you’d might want to consider this and take your chances with the lottery. Particularly if you’ve been aching to get your hands on either Saber or Saber Alter.  Saber Lily has different head mold though but still very delicious.

I’ve already decided to skip out on the DDS Touhou girls that went up on pre-order recently. And I’m glad I did. I’ll probably try and pick them up should Dollfie World have any stock of them.  For now, my priority lies with Saber Lily.  Frankly, I can’t think of a better way to cap off my year.  I wonder how much the folks over at customs are gonna charge for this one.

Update: Fellow Dollfie blogger Wolfheinrich has put up more photos of Saber Lily on his blog. Go check it out!

Alice: Madness Returns trailer

FOCK YES! Teaser to the sequel of American McGee’s Alice. The game I was playing over a decade ago while people were gaga over Counterstrike and Q3.