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Figma Saber Zero Ver.

Yes, Max Factory is coming our with yet another Figma of Saber. And this was long time coming.  Easily my favourite  variant of Saber, second only to Saber Alter.  Saber Zero, comes decked in her black suit and pony tail as she appears in the currently airing series, Fate/Zero based on the Visual novel of the same title.

To date, there are 5 variants of Saber in Figma form; The original Saber, which is also being re-released. Casual Saber, as she appears in her everyday clothes. Saber Alter, Which might I say is my favorite form. Then there’s the Limited editions that came with games; Saber Lily that comes with Unlimited Codes, and Nero, that comes with Fate/Extra.

Via Figma Blog

Kira~Kira Shining… SHAAAA~!!!

Last we saw Rin, she was waving around what appears to be her magic, uh, toothbrush.  Casting some sort of spell from a giant Starbucks Rocket tumbler filled with packing peanuts.  What she hopes to accomplish is well beyond my imagination

So, let’s see what all the hubbub is all about that she even mustered me as well as her sisters to watch her exploits. But like I said, whatever it is, I got a bad feeling about this.

Well then, Rin, what have you got for us this time? Continue reading