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Figma Saber Zero Ver.

Yes, Max Factory is coming our with yet another Figma of Saber. And this was long time coming.  Easily my favourite  variant of Saber, second only to Saber Alter.  Saber Zero, comes decked in her black suit and pony tail as she appears in the currently airing series, Fate/Zero based on the Visual novel of the same title.

To date, there are 5 variants of Saber in Figma form; The original Saber, which is also being re-released. Casual Saber, as she appears in her everyday clothes. Saber Alter, Which might I say is my favorite form. Then there’s the Limited editions that came with games; Saber Lily that comes with Unlimited Codes, and Nero, that comes with Fate/Extra.

Via Figma Blog

SH Figuarts Godzilla by Bandai

GAAAAAOOOOOO~! At long last!! A reasonably priced and well detailed figure of the Big G!

Preorders just went up on Ami-ami!!

Thank you Bandai! I have been salivating for the king monsters ever since production models came out.

As is all SH Figuarts figures, the Big G is fully articulated right down to the tail.  From initial photos of what I’ve seen, I’m guessing this would be slightly larger than similar Sci-fi action figures from Revoltech, have also started their own Godzilla line with the release of Angairus and Mothra earlier this year.  Bandai shot ahead and just went in for the kill by releasing Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla.  One thing I’m eager to see as a poseable action figure is King Ghidora.

But with Bandai usurping the release of this beauty, Kaiyodo may still just have one up on the former by putting a 1/80 scale Vinyl model of Godzilla.  This however commands a wee bit more than the 3000+Jpy asking price of the SH Monster arts figures.  I mean just look at the size of that thing!

So which of these incarnations of the King of Monsters tickles your bank accounts? Just click on the images to take you to their product pages.

Black Gold Saw -animation version- (via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version)

I’ve been mellowing down on picking up PVC figures but this figure of Black Gold Saw from the BRS franchise is something I definitely wouldn’t mind having on my office desk. I just might pick this one up.

I’ve passed up on both BRS and Dead Master PVC figures, for both financial and preferential reasons.  But I seem to be drawn to Black Gold Saw unlike that of the other characters in the BRS universe.

Moar Figma BGS

Black Gold Saw -animation version- Tsukki is still away on his trip to China!  The Bramble is valiantly defending his desk, just like when Gakkun was away in China!! Although I do wonder how he managed to move between desks… He seems a bit  busy at the moment though… So I can grab this sample away from the desk!!😀          ____        /      \       /\  /   \     /  ⌒   ⌒    \  ”Sorry for always taking them     |///(__人__) ///  |         … Read More

via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version

And a random photo of Figma Black Gold Saw
Black Gold Saw hopping aroundFigma Black Gold Saw

MaxFac Clalaclan Swimsuit ver.

Max Factory’s Clalaclan Swimsuit version came out around January 2011.  Thanks to our ever so reliable Customs terrorists Postal system, mine got to me around early April.  Nonetheless, I will have to say that anticipation heightens the pleasure. :3

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Nendoroid Cirno


Yes, the (undisputedly )self proclaimed genius and strongest in the Touhou world is getting the Nendoroid treatment, The Ice Fairy of the lake, Cirno. Continue reading

Figmas of 2011 Winter Wonfes

Here’s a quick glance of the figmas that were announced over the recently concluded 2011 Winter Wonfes.  Frankly, I’m quite thankful there aren’t that many that I’m inclined to be really get.

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