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Thigh High Thursday – 22 July 2010

With thigh highs now comfortably settled in as a moe artefact as  much as it is in the International fashion limelight, where there is fame there will be admirers, fans and advocates.  The visual media has nicely grasped this powerful attention magnet, It only made sense that merchandise manufacturers would tap into its charisma.  Not long after, Figure companies were rolling out merchandise of the characters not only as they were seen on the shows and pages of their mangas and artbooks but are also rolling out reimagined versions that are exclusively released figure versions.  Fans could only helplessly fork over their hard earned cash as they queued up for these goods. Continue reading

Impressions: Toycon 2010

toycon_2010 June 19 and 20, 2010. Megatrade hall.  It has been more than a week since the 9th Philippine Toycon has successfully been wrapped up. Albeit not as grand as last year’s event and with a few hiccups, I can safely assume that it has met my expectations.

The usual toy retailers were there.  But the specialty toy shops were what really caught my fancy.  Vintage toys galore where keen-eyed collectors scour their tables for little treasures.  There was a booth which sold Coca-cola memorabilia.  Pretty spiffy.  There were those that also had GI Joes, Transformers and Centurions from the 80’s for sale, boy those things bring back memories.  One distributor who I had the pleasure of meeting was the official distributor of Takara Tomy Blythe dolls.  I’m sure many local doll enthusiasts would be quite happy about it. While the event goers and sellers may have changed since the 1st time Toycon opened its doors, the spirit of its patrons has nary changed throughout the years.  There is something for the child in every one of us. Continue reading

Nendoroid Remilia Scarlett

Guess what Touhou fans.  Gensokyo’s Scarlet Devil is getting the Nendoroid treatment.

Mikatan has just put up photos of Good Smile Company’s next Nendoroid from the Touhou world, the Scarlett Mansions very own Remilia Scarlett.  And by God she looks devilishly cute.

So far no dates yet on her release date, but from the looks of things, she looks like she’s going to be a regular release.

I’m not about to be that complacent just yet.  As previous Touhou Nendoroid releases constitute, they’ve always been Japan only exclusives.

Tokyo Hunter should be expecting an email from me sometime soon.

Winterheim has also already expressed his interest in procuring this little devil.

Oh, and Nendoroid Sanae is due out for release any day now right along with Figma Marisa Kirisame.

MG 1/100 Musha Gundam MK-2

You may all remember the 1/100 MG Shin Musha Gundam from the game Gundam Musou Special which was released by Bandai a bout a year and a half ago. It was big bad and red with lotsa gold bling on it’s armor. It was earth shakingly awesome.

Now what could be better than a Gundam clad in Japanese Samurai armor wielding Naginatas and Katanas, slicing and dicing through mass produced units? Continue reading

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

She’s just about ready to roll out an GSC’s Mikatan has just released photos of this adorable little trouble maker.

Continue reading

Figure news

And so, the Figma Azusa Nakano of K-on has just gone up on pre-order today and is currently available at your favorite online shops.  She comes with her Fender Mustang as seen in the series as well as a Neko-mimi head band which can fit the other K-on girls. Due out to be released in August. Continue reading