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MG V-Dash Gundam ver. Ka

Spotted this bit of news at Ngee Khiong. Yes you read it right. Bandai has gone and did it again and released the MG V-Dash Gundam Ver.Ka to nip at our bank accounts.

Good news for those who didn’t pick up the MG Victory Gundam Ver.Ka as they wouldn’t end up with 2 full mechs on their shelves.  For those who did, well, at least you can have the option of displaying both the normal Victory and the V-Gundam Hexa.

Slated for a Late July release, it’ll be retailing at around 6000JPY or Php3000.

Now now, before you go on cussing about Bandai’s money milking scam, they’ve also announced that they’ll be releasing the MG Ver. Ka of the V-Gundam Core booster with the Dash weapons pack. So you’ll get another core booster, big deal, at 2310JPY or roughly PHP1600, it’s half of what you have to spend on the V-Dash box. Unless that’s what you wanted.

Pre -orders are already open at Ami-ami for both.

I’ll also take this opportunity to hawk some figure goods that I have.

First up I have my SoC GX-43: Daimos.  I’m selling it Php4500/$100 negotiable. It is in Near mint condition and all accessories are accounted for.

Next I have a mint condition in sealed box Nendoird Marisa Kirisame. I’m selling her for Php3500/$75

And lastly, a mint condition mint in sealed box Figma Miku Hatsune Live Stage Version which I’m selling also for Php3500/$75

I am willing to ship overseas starting at $15 depending on location.

MG 1/100 Musha Gundam MK-2

You may all remember the 1/100 MG Shin Musha Gundam from the game Gundam Musou Special which was released by Bandai a bout a year and a half ago. It was big bad and red with lotsa gold bling on it’s armor. It was earth shakingly awesome.

Now what could be better than a Gundam clad in Japanese Samurai armor wielding Naginatas and Katanas, slicing and dicing through mass produced units? Continue reading

Gundam UC episode 1

I’ll make this brief.

The Day of the Unicorn has arrived.

So, Gundam UC started airing the other day and I managed to grab the first subbed piece that was out early morning the next day. All I can say was.. it gave me goose bumps… *cries manly tears*.  The fight scenes were how I remember a Gundam fight were and should always be. None of them beam spamming and whiny emo pilots.

Although for those who seen previous Gundam Series; will somewhat call the circumstances of how he got the RX-0 cliched, as a friend mentioned.  Also, many bits and bobs in the first episode will bring in nostalgia to some, especially to those who are very familiar with the Zeta Arc.  Cameos from a few familiar faces dot the episode as well.

And lastly.. the mechas… oh how can I not mention the mechas.  METAL PRON!  Kshatriya is an effin’ monster. And with a VERY capable pilot at it’s helm, it wreaks havoc against any squad of cannon fodders.  Heck, damn thing even tore through a couple of Z’s like they were frickin GM’s. Lovely bits if I do say so myself.  And the Unicorn itself? well, I guess we’ll have to see it at its first outing with it’s “chosen” pilot.

I can’t wait for the next episode.. and so aptly titled for the second coming of the UC timeline; RED COMET.

Gundam UC

UC Gundam timeline fans, REJOICE!! Gundam Unicorn Hasshin! The aptly titled Gundam UC will begin airing on February 20th. At last we get to have our fix of what could be the culmination of the Psycho Frame units that brought forth some of the most powerful Gundam units conceived.

The Month that was..10-2009

Aaah.. October is coming to a close. My, how time flies. A good number of figure and gunpla announcements and orders this month. A couple of loot arrivals and some arriving soon. Finished off a couple of model kits on my build queue. And a few funerals on the side. Continue reading

Master Grade Victory Gundam

Just spotted this over at fellow member Yunamon’s Blog.

Long time coming.. FINALLY!! A Master Grade kit of Victory Gundam; and a Version Ka at that! I still remember When I had the 1/100 HG’s of this thing. I had every single variant of it.

Continue reading