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Thigh High Thursday – 2011June2

This here edition of THT is a bit special.  As most of you are most aware the term “Zettai Ryouiki” (絶対領域) was coined by Japanese pop culture and has been most proliferate in a lot of anime manga, and games of late.  What I can’t seem to put my finger on is why their fashion and gravure publication aren’t so heavy on it. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Nozomi Sasaki

Late as it is, I still want to extend my well wishes to Nozomi Sasaki who celebrated her 22nd birthday last February 8th. May she have a successful career and good health.

Speaking of well wishes, it’s Chinese New Year this Sunday so A happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 恭喜发财!

To celebrate both these wonderful occasions, here’s what is my first idol feature here on me blog.

Take it away Nozomi-chan! (My doesn’t she look stunning in that red cheongsam.)

Tanjoubi Omedetto, Nozomin!

場合は、幸せな誕生日を読んでいる! 私はあなたに成功を収め、健康と幸福を望む。

Her smile is just.. HHNNNNNNGGH… so… ETHEREAL!!

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Save Nu107 FM!!!

HungerReceived this bit of news on my mail box.  And as such, this is rather disheartening.  Where the airwaves are populated by auto-tuned mainstream pop music, and even the illiterate can coarsely sing along to the most played out latest K-pop single; perhaps one of the few local FM stations that has managed to hold on to it’s identity and not sell out to ratings wars, NU107 is at the throes of having its identity be erased and be turned into nothing more than just another FM station riding the airwaves of pop.


Save Nu107 FM’s rock music-oriented programming format!!! Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday – 2010Oct07

Interesting facts for OCTOBER 2010 – only happens once every 555 years We are making trivial history: We will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays which means 5 weekends!! And this Sunday’s calendar date will be 10-10-10, Lucky Day! Especially lucky in Chinese Feng Shui. Or so they say.

But I am not here to bring luck but some cheer to the upcoming weekend. So here ya go. And front lining it, we got a rather delicious sampling of shiny, fleshy thighs for this week’s selection thigh highs. Yes, THT Idol Edition is back for this month, and we’ve got the perfect 10, Mai Nishida front lining it.

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Darth Vader Stress Relief

And so, aside from terrorizing anime conventions and harassing maids at cosplay cafe’s, Lord Vader shows yet again how he maintains an otherwise calm demeanor despite force choking the occasional Imperial admiral or two. Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday – 26Aug2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll skip with the chit chat and just serve up this week’s celebration of delicious thigh highs and Zettai Ryouiki.

Front lining this act is Vocaloid Rockstar Idol Lily Continue reading