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Gunpla Building

Here’s an old set of photos. Ever wondered what Dollfies do in their spare time? For my little vinyl girls, aside from being avid gamers, They also do a build plastic models or gunpla every now and then. Here’s some photos during their first attempt at putting together their own gunpla.

I hope they can read the manual.

The girls get their first look at what they're up against.

And so they're off.. I guess I'll see how they do in an hour or so.

Sooo.. I wonder what other fellow doll parents let their girls do other than pose for the camera.

Random Updates – 2010 August

*A wild Konata neko appears

Seeing as there isn’t much going on in the local convention scene lately (more like I haven’t been able to attend any recently) and with the toys and news released on the last Summer WonFes properly covered and blogged in various sites, I thought I’d just pester you folks with some random updates on what this Otarii-man Vader has been doing lately. Continue reading