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“But we’re speaking Japanese!”: Humorous video confronts lingering stereotypes in Japan

I think this happens to a lot of Caucasians who live and speak the native language of a lot of Asian countries.


Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.06.56 AM

One of the most frustrating parts about living in Japan was when I would go out to dinner with my husband. No, it wasn’t because I wasn’t able to read the menu or because I don’t like Japanese food – it was because more often than not, the server wouldn’t speak to me.

Since my Vietnamese-American husband cannot speak or read Japanese, I would always do the ordering. What the servers saw was a woman with a caucasian face speaking Japanese and what appeared to be a Japanese man not ordering for himself. After placing my order in Japanese, the server would turn to my husband (who couldn’t understand anything she was saying) and ask follow up questions about our drink order or any add ons. I would in turn, translate for my husband in English, and then answer our server in Japanese, but any remaining questions would be directed once…

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Feuer haarige Madchen

Feuer haarige Madchen
Sherra Gross for the Goat Locker Boxing Gym

As far as photographic equipment goes, I try to make do with what I have as much as possible.  But when the opportunity presents itself, I will use what ever is at my disposal.
And in this case, while shooting at the Goat Locker Boxing Gym, they have a very unique facility in which they have their own Octagon. Yes, same one you’d see in MMA fights.
And it’s also not every day that I can get to shoot with 2 400 watt lights. The results are as you see.


Farah by coffeebugg
Farah, a photo by coffeebugg on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Goat Locker Boxing Gym Round girls screening.

I haven’t always been a fan of strobe lighting. I would even venture out and say that I am afraid of getting it wrong. But there are times when the environment really forces you to use them.

Eventually, I learned to embrace it and lately have been experimenting with using a single flash. And true as it is, it’s less complicated than it seems.

I read a lot from David Hobby’s blog and And have so far been enjoying applying the techniques he’s mentioned.

Check out this 8m robot that appeared on Tokyo’s waterfront【Video】


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 21.43.30

It’s not every day you get to see an enormous robot being lifted up to tower above you. That’s why fans of science-fiction series Mobile Police Patlabor were excited to see an 8-metre high humanoid robot from the series being put up in the Toyosu area of Tokyo’s waterfront.

The robot in question is the AV-98 Ingram, which appears in the latest movie addition to the franchise, a live action series called The Next Generation Patlabor. Fans gathered to watch the robot, which is built “actual size” at just over 8m high, being raised into place on March 17th.

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Boudoir Photography

Lang Sapphire Sky

Originally uploaded by coffeebugg

A boudoir (French: [bu.dwaʁ], English: /ˈbuːd.wɑːr/) is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or boudeur, meaning “sulky”.

The term “boudoir” may also be ascribed to a genre of photography. Boudoir photography is not generally a new concept and numerous examples including ones of Kathleen Meyers, Clara Bow, Mae West and Jean Harlow photographed in a boudoir style.
Typically shot in a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (and occasionally men and couples) in “boudoir style”. The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie. Nudity is more often implied than explicit. Commercially the genre is often (though not exclusively) derived from a market for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their wedding day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weight loss regimes, maternity, other form of body change or alteration (such as breast augmentation or reduction) and for servicemen and women overseas.

This is a collage of some of my favourite shots from a recent boudoir session with some local photo hobbyists. Our model “Lang Sapphire Sky”, as she preferred to be called was quite the natural when it comes to posing, albeit being relatively new to the local modelling scene.


Well now, this is a bit surreal. 11 days away from the end of the world and I decide to put up my blog in my own domain… Sweet jumping Jehoshaphat ~ 

Anywho, to my new readers and old…

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