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A so-called Mini doll Meet

imageWhat was merely a suggestion to meet up with some fellow local ABJD enthusiasts became a scheduled Mini meet which ended up with the commandeering of Pancake House at Bonifacio High last January 14, 2012.

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Another Year… or maybe.

Well, 2011 certainly came and went. And I think that it goes without saying that it could not have passed any sooner. This year was a very taxing year and full of strife and grief. Natural disasters left and right, oppression of both human and civil rights rampant. The greedy got richer while the poor just got poorer.

But amid all these negativity, the glimmer of hope and humanity always shone through.

I, myself, was touched by that very glimmer of hope all too recently just as December came around the corner. Frankly, I’m still trying to absorb it. And it’s fairly difficult to swallow, but I don’t mind. This candy’s bitter coatings are starting to melt away and the sweetness is starting to come out. I just hope that this is only get sweeter over time.

Or for at least, that this be an omen of good things to come for 2012.

Via Flickr:
Rin goes for a stroll at Rockwell… While I enjoyed some Christmas espresso.

Gunpla Building

Here’s an old set of photos. Ever wondered what Dollfies do in their spare time? For my little vinyl girls, aside from being avid gamers, They also do a build plastic models or gunpla every now and then. Here’s some photos during their first attempt at putting together their own gunpla.

I hope they can read the manual.

The girls get their first look at what they're up against.

And so they're off.. I guess I'll see how they do in an hour or so.

Sooo.. I wonder what other fellow doll parents let their girls do other than pose for the camera.

Dollfie Dream X Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Project

As the lot of you may all be aware of, Volks is hungry and wants your monies again.  And they plan to do it with the help of Type-Moon, creator of the Fate series.  Here’s how they plan to do it.

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Thigh High Thursday – 2011July 28 Dollism Plus Special pt2

So I know last week’s Dollism Plus special of THT was a tad rushed. I even missed out on a lot of good photos. Anywho, this should be more proper as I have pooled, in my opinion, were the best of the DD sporting Thigh highs during Dollism Plus 6.

Be advised that not all of these are my photos. Credit goes to Avan, Wolfheinrich, Natalie, TonyBSD, , and Hololo. 

Thigh High Thursday – 2011July21 DP6 Special!!

Ms. Natalie's very lovely Tamaki.

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