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Manga Realities

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Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics.

Spotted over at Azrael’s Merryland , The Ayala Museum and Japan Foundation of the Philippines come together to give the general public a look into Japanese Pop culture’s world of Manga as illustrated by some of the top artists in the manga scene.

Exhibit runs from August 16 to October 2, 2011 to be held at the Ayala Museum.  I figure this is the ideal venue to get some first hand background info about the phenom that is Japanese Manga that we fill our time. Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday – 30June2011

These past few days have been on the damp side with some spots of sunshine. But other than that, it’s mostly been raining in the afternoon. Sometimes, the rain would be nothing more than a shower. At times, it would go on for 2 days straight.

Personally, I like the rain. Not just that it cools the air but when I get to walk under it on my home, it feels refreshing.  As if my worries and stresses are, for a moment, cleansed.

Well then, enough chit chat and to some lovely ladies in our favorite leg fashion enjoying the wet weather. Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday – 2011May19

So, as you may remember, I got me a spiffy new pair of cans. And being that THT has been very sporadic in it’s regularity, I thought I’d do a bit haberdashery and treat you guys to two favorite “moe” artifacts in the world Japanese anime/manga culture: Headphones + thigh high stockings.  I may have over indulged myself hence we got a rather large collection today.

Also, be advised, that I may be stretching the PG limits of this blog as there are some pics that I would suggest you do not view in public. Safe as they are, I don’t know how conservative the people around you are.

Any who, enough jib jab and enjoy the gallery. Continue reading


Thigh High Thursday 28April 2011

Well now, it’s been far too long. Also you might notice this set of pics to be some what food related.  As is, with the current work sched I bear in the office, cakes, pastries, snacks and other om nommables … Continue reading


Thigh High Thursday – 2011March03

This gallery contains 18 photos.

So the 3rd lunar cycle in the year of 2011 has begun… And thus the ides of March are just around the corner. I say… LET THERE BE CAKE AND THIGH HIGHS~! AND CHOCOLATE THIGH HIGHS~!


Thigh High Thursday: 2011February24

This gallery contains 16 photos.

I think we’ve gone without a THT post for far too long now. And by the rather long hiatus, other “mo~eh” artifacts have begun to encroach the bounds of the Zettai Ryouiki kingdom. Me thinks we best rectify that situation … Continue reading