Banner exchange

Wanna trade links, buttons or banners?

Here are some that I have already used previously or am currently using. Feel free to grab just let me know where you’re putting them up.

Photo by Richie De la Merced

Created by Winterheim Designs


  1. Hi Coffeebug, you have a cool blog and a fabulous collection, was wondering if you would like a link exchange I have a couple of great sites. If you are interested, could you contact me to my email? (so we both avoid spammers).

  2. Hi there,
    Hello there,
    I am Marc with
    I have just discovered your website, and well, it is pretty nice and fun.
    I saw you have some links to other sites
    It’d be really awesome to have my site here too!
    We sell fun stuffs from japan and anime related products.
    You can check it here :
    I am looking forward to hearing from you and discuss that further
    Have a great day

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