Games: MaiMai danceroid game


Well this is a rather interesting arcade game to play. Ever wondered what it was to be like a Danceroid, them cute dancing Japanese girls on NicoNico Douga jiving to J-pop? You find the current arcade dance games that have you stepping on pads, waving at sensors and swiping your fingers on a touch screen to tame for you? Then look no further. MaiMai appears to be working on the principles as the Kinect using a camera and sensors that read your movement and match it on poinrs set by the game. The games BGM selection still seems rather limited but other wise has some of the more popular danceroid covers including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Pon Pon song, Tsubasa Hanekawa’s Fuwa Fuwa theme and, of all things, Caramell Dansen. I might actually give this thing a whirl. Maybe some other time.


1 Comment

  1. I remember seeing a video of two people playing on separate machines. From behind they somehow look like dancing and swiping gestures at a washing machine lol XP

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