Drum Tao: Block Rockin BEATS!

When I first heard of Drum Tao, it was during the height of my playing the game Osu! Tatakae! Ouen Dan! A Taiko Drum Rhythm game for the Nintendo DS. Ever since, then I have watched several videos of their performances on Youtube.

But it wasn’t until they were already a few days into their 10 day stint at Resort’s World Manila that I found out. I immediately scoured the internets for performance dates and ticket pricing to go see them, fortunately FlairCandy.com had it all conveniently documented on her blog.

I managed to get my hands on 2 Deluxe tickets on their last performance, and I had intended to watch it with a friend. Unfortunately, just a few days before the show, she had to back out for an important engagement she couldn’t afford to miss.  And so I went on contacting most of my inner circle of friends, and what luck that they either had other plans or had work. Seriously, I was texting and calling like mad up to the point I got my passes from ticketing office on the day itself.  As expected, it was a sold out performance despite the rather soggy weather. Even as the performance was already warming up, here were people coming up to the ticket booth asking if there were still tickets for that last show. While there I was, alone with a pair of passes. I inquired about their buy-back policy, which apparently they didn’t have. After me, this elderly couple was asking about passes, to no avail. The ticketing agent was quick to get my attention though and asked if was willing to sell them my passes after reassuring me that I can still go in to watch the performances. When they heard how much my passes were, they decided not to avail it, apparently they mis-heard my price as I was selling the tickets at cost.

Another couple was quick to snap up the tickets.

 Me? I ended up getting a single Premier ticket with a seat that was right at the foot of the stage. Pretty. Damn. Awesome.

I got in to the amphitheater as the Drum Ta crew was already a few minutes into their first set. Immediately, you could feel the beats resonating through you even from a good way back of the hall. Despite from being sold out, there were a few single seats that weren’t occupied, my guess is people who cancelled due to the inclement weather that afternoon. The usher leed me to my seat to which apparently was occupied. In turn he seated me to the next empty seat to where I was supposed to have been, which later on the owners arrived to much to their disdain. To any Resort’s World employee reading this, I believe the situation could have been handled with more professionalism simply by enforcing the seat plan. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Anywho, on to the performance. It was nothing short of exhilirating. Their performances ranged from the very enigmatic and grippingly emotional to the very vibrantly powerful. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve seen their performances on youtube, but seeing them perform upclose and I mean REALLY close was something that can easily overwhelm and enamor audiences.

Being a live performance, of course, there were segments which got engaged the audiences to participate. From their Kabuki skit which had them running around the audience section to a dub-step clap off with the cast. And their performance which mimiced that of the multi handed goddess Ashura was simply sublime.

Photo: from Drum-tao.com

There was this one song which really caught my attention. It had a sole drummer at the start where he performed with exceptional speed and later on, 2 of their female member stood at each end of the stage with large drums. It was such an enchantingly powerful piece that wasn’t fast and vigorous but had a firm dramatic atmosphere and tense tone to it.

I’m glad I got to watch, though I wish my friends could have seen it too as I know that they would also apprciate it too. I guess they’ll have to settle for the CD and DVD I got after the show.  Would I watch them again? You can bet on it.


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