Passion Lunch With Jim Paredes

Had the pleasure of having lunch with Mr. Jim Paredes last July 27, 2012 over at Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo.  Going there was no joke but it wasn’t all to hard either being that it was a week day and traffic was relatively forgiving.  The lunch invite was one of those things where in you wouldn’t think about as it was a semi-open invite with random selection.

To briefly surmise what transpired that afternoon, it was completely grounded and without fanfare. Pretty much just a well travelled, wise and free spirited creative mind who met up with 11 complete strangers over lunch in a quiet and quaint little cafe up in the hills of Antipolo.  The food was nothing short of a good ol’fashioned home cooked meal prepared with heart and love. We got to try the “Alagaw” leaves, gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘Salad’.  I particularly liked the Prawns in coconut milk. And the chicken which tasted a bit like caldereta was perfect compliment to the mildly chilly but fresh air. Aside from the on set of heavy rains, it was a perfectly home grown lunch with equally wise and good company

To Jim

If you’re reading this, it was a pleasure meeting you. And getting to know that there are people out there who live for the journey of life and living the moment with a level of openness that one would think to be ridiculous in today’s society is certainly uplifting and inspiring. I can safely say that this was one of those moments that I will gladly tell my grand children about.

Mark “coffeebugg/Salarayman_vader”


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