Make It Makati Photo Contest

Ayala Triangle Gardens

So you say you’re a photographer and have been wanting to take photos of the bustling metropolis that is Makati City but you can’t because of the restrictions imposed in taking photos except that is if you’re a tourist and the photo doesn’t include a building that houses an embassy. Well now your chance to get the opportunity that only happens once in a blue moon.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Makati City Government, in conjunction with Ayala Land Inc., and PinoyPhotography.Org, Is, once again, hosting a contest that would showcase the finest the Philippines’ Commercial Banking District has to offer.  With 5 categories to take part in, participants can win up to Php75000, where in each category has a 1st prize of Php15000. Imagine how many trips to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme that is. Participants however can only submit one photo, with as little editing as possible, for each category. Categories are “Artsy”, “Green”, “Party”, “Sporty”, and “Techy”.  Also, to photographers are allowed to submit photos taken from as far back as January 1st, 2012, provided the photos are taken from within the bounds of the allowed shooting areas. Of course, having lived in THIS particular city, I wouldn’t pass this up as I’ve already missed the first one that was held 2 years ago.  The competition is of course open to all locals, but also foreigners are allowed to join provided they have been legal residents for at least 3 months.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

I wasted no time taking photos as soon as I got my permit. Met up for a photo walk with some acquaintances from last Friday while I also scouted and gather inspiration for my entries. I’ve already got a few concepts in mind and hopefully within the one week of reprieve that I have I’ll be able to shoot my entries.  I’ll have to give my concepts a lot og thought as the contest rules state that only global enhancements are allowed. Meaning no shop jobs with glitters and flying pigs puking rainbows. Surprisingly, models are allowed so that means that one can put in a bit of effort into the production. Hence why I’m trying to get @flaircandy to maybe help me out in one of my entries.  I just hope I get finish all my shots as deadline is on July 23rd.   It’s also the best opportunity for me to bond with “Janus“.


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