Friends and Family + Food = Fun weekend..

Otariiman Vader's Caffeine Diaries

A couple of weekends ago, my mum got me and my chef mentor and uncle to cook up a meal for some friends and family to bring up to a family friend’s home up in Tagaytay.  Safe to say that everyone had their fill.

As per request, I put together my Paella, which I am proud to say, is inching its way to my ideal version. Aside from a few ingredients that I left out to avoid spoiling through out our 2 hour drive, it’s pretty much got everything.  I cooked it 2/3’s of the way so that I can heat it up at our destination and get that crispy toasted rice, nice and tasty.  My uncle figured he’d garnish it up a bit and in turn nearly threw away those very toasted rice as he thought I burned them. (Nooooo~!) It shouldn’t have been a surprise as he’s a Japanese…

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