Event: Digital Photography Philippines VI Anniversary

PhotobucketLast May 27, 2012, Digital Photography Philippines (DPP) celebrated their 6th year anniversary at the Bonifacio High Street grounds. They brought in some of the top names in the photography industry as well as renowned marques for every level of photo hobbyist.

It was nice and sunny Sunday afternoon.  Surprisingly, BHS wasn’t all too crowded aside from the flood of pro-photogs and photo hobbyists.  There was something for everyone. Also, readers who picked up DPP’s Issue #44 get “VIP” passes and privileges through out the entire event. These included Magnum Ice cream bars, some sort of energy water me thinks, and, supposedly, preferential treatment for the photo ops later in the day. Did I mention the raffle? Yeah there was a raffle, but more on that later.


Canon was there to show off their latest cameras and lenses. I got to fondle the 5d Mark III as well as one of their flagship 1Ds cameras attached to the ultra telephoto 600mm lens… it was interesting to know that one had something close to half a million pesos in photographic equipment in the palm of  my hands. Just that it wasn’t my cup of tea.


Canon also brought in speakers such as Sara Black, who I regret having missed her lecture on portraiture, Jay Tablante and Raymond Isaac, to name a few, to share their know how about the craft.  They also had a yellow Mini Cooper set up. For what purpose, I don’t know. Maybe for their live shoot event with Jinri Park.


Not to be outdone by their biggest rival, Nikon in cooperation with the Nikon Club of the Philippines were there en masse, setting up shop right in the heart of the festivities. They were also a major sponsor of the event, usurping Canon who’s been the major sponsor the past couple of years.


They brought in their latest shooting tools such as the Nikon D4 and D3200, which I actually took a fancy to. But not so much that would prompt me a system change. Nikon brought in Xander Angeles and Manny Librodo as part of their  entourage of guest speakers.  They also had some pretty ladies encouraging you to “fondle” the   cameras.

PhotobucketOlympus and Sony were mostly pushing their latest mirrorless systems, the OM-D and NEX7 respectively.  And having an early model Micro 4/3 GF1, it’s impressive to see how far and fast the system is evolving to go toe to toe with the DSLR stable.  Now if only they could bring the lens prices down a bit.

PhotobucketLike I said earlier, there was something for everyone. Live shoots, product demos, lectures and, oh yes, the raffle. I was no longer around when they had the raffle, which might I say, was quite tedious to fill as one had to visit every booth to get the stub stamped then dropped in a box(quite literally a box) in front of te stage. In the end, the cameras weren’t raffled off but flung in to the air for everyone who was there to make a mad scramble to catch it.


Albeit my stay was brief, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely going back to next year’s event, I just hope it’s a bit more organized as I’ve heard that the live shoot with with the FHM Vixen’s and Ellen Adarna were quite the logistical and security nightmare.

Meanwhile, here’s some more photos I took that day.


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