Events: Trans Sport Show 2012

Hot cars, Beautiful women, bad lighting and sweaty, stinky “photo-gropers”.
Yeah, that was the scene at the recently capped Trans Sport Show 2012 held at the Mega Trade Hall at the SM Megamall on April 22, 2012.
Compared to the Manila Int’l Autoshow held last March, Trans Sport Show was more about tuner and car culture than automotive pedigree.  Eye candy was the name of the game. Photography and car enthusiasts came in droves.It’s no surprise as various automotive accessory shops jostle for the most popular models out there to draw crowds. Not that I’m complaining but the cars on display just played second fiddle to their equally stunning promotions girls.
Love this girl! Never stopped smiling for the cameras one bit.
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Events girls are such troopers and I have to commend and thank them for being ever so patient of my fellow photographers for their lecherous stares, a cocktail of various body odour and poking tripods.  As I’ve mentioned before in my Ozine post a few years back, these girls end up standing for most of the day with barely enough time to eat, clad in their stilettos and colourful skimpy promo suits (if you could call a matching pair of torn shirts and jean shorts a suit).  So, to my fellow photo brothers, keep in mind that the very subjects we jostle to get that one shot of at every event make an effort to look good for our lenses. Would it hurt you to bathe, put on some deodorant and at least look a fraction as presentable as they do. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it, and I’m sure they’ll be more welcoming as you hobble for their attention. It’s bad enough they have to put up with salacious cellphone cam toting folks shoving their 3 MP phone cams up their skirts, don’t make them endure natural pungent tear gas.
Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic guy tip: Stay fresh at these events, the models will thank you for it. Trust me.
Anywho, end rant, follow the link for the photos over at Multiply page

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