Gadgets: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

After all the speculation which of the currently released Galaxy Tabs out in the market was successor to Samsung’s rogue tablet 2 solar cycles ago, the widely successful Galaxy Tab, Samsung made official last February its REAL successor, the Galaxy Tab 2. It would herald the arrival of the next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, 7.7″, 8.9″ and 10.1″ variants.

The Galaxy Tab offered a more compact and portable alternative to the recent surge in tablet platforms. The GT-P1000 had a 7.0 inch touch screen which was a third smaller than that of the standard all the while retaining the same capabilities of your iPads and Acer tablets. It’s not small enough to fit in your pocket like its smaller, more recent kin the Galaxy Note but it still beats having to lug a letter sized metal hot plate. Another advantage of the 7.0 inch screen was the added little bit of privacy compared to full sized tablets. This meant you can enjoy watching your SNSD Music videos on your daily commute without having as much peering over your shoulder like that of full sized tablets. I still wouldn’t recommend it though.

As for the Galaxy Tab 2’s improvements from its predecessor, it now sports a 1 GHz Dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM. It still has a 7.0 inch screen and still no Super Amoled like the 7.7 model, but the improved WSVGA graphics is a welcome upgrade from the original’s TFT LCD. Samsung also put it through a welcome weight loss program. looking sleeker with a profile similar to that of current Tab units. At 10.5mm, the curved edges will now prevent me from accidentally bludgeoning hapless would be muggers like I do with my Otterbox clad GT-P1000. Maybe I can just use it to hack at them instead. Maybe.

Slated for release in late Q3 or early Q4 of this year, pegs the 3g and Wi-Fi only versions prices at $550 and $420 respectively, a shy cheaper than the current 7.7″ model. It has definitely shelved my plans of picking up the Galaxy Note. Though gifts are still definitely welcome.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press


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  1. With a new Tab 2, Samsung can compete with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire , Nook , and host of similarly priced ICS tablets such as the Disgo 9104 and Scroll Extreme 9.7-inch Tablet PC.

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