Camille Tries to Blog… For real this time.

Camille sharing how she got into blogging at the DLSU Blogger's Congress

For for folks who have been following Camille Co (@ItsCamilleCo) for a while now, are well aware that she has been more than successful in her “attempts” at blogging, as she so puts it, using the Tumblr platform. While for all intents and purposes, up to now, it does the job well. I for one have my own tumblr stream but I rarely even use it for a full post other than pushing this semi active blog of mine. Even with the innovations it has, Tumblr, as I’d like to put it is a super-sized Twitter.

Back to Camille Co’s blogging (mis)adventures, it’s been a year since she started off on her fashion escapades and now, I think it’s safe to say that she really now has her blog in a proper blogging platform. I’ve heard her name crop up in the blogosphere for sometime now and it wasn’t only until the 2nd Blogger’s Congress held in DLSU in October 2011, did I get to see this tall, fashionable miss that’s making waves in the fashion blog scene. Very humble and quite a fun story on how she got into blogging.  Interestingly enough, she’s started blogging with nary any know how. From what I recall, everything she knows in web publishing are self taught. Honestly, I find her efforts and successes very inspiring.  Sure she may come from a well off family, but you don’t establish branding as simply as that. She’s managed to put her own clothing line, Coexist, on the map as a particularly trendy line of clothing for young ladies through  Goes to show that with ingenuity, a little know how, and a lot of elbow grease, one can achieve just about anything they desire.  Now, fashion circles habitually put her in high regard on their short lists.

And to commemorate her new blog’s launch, she’s giving away a buncha stuff so you’d might want to hop on over to for a chance to win some prizes!

So, more power to this fashionable and savvy entrepreneur. And a do be nice and drop her birthday tweet as well.



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