Gadgets: Canon 5D Mk III

And so Canon takes the covers off of their “entry level” full frame DSLR; the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. With a launch date slated for this February 27/28, it has budding pro-photographers drooling for a while now, ever since rumors started flying out late last year.

So far, here’s what Canon Rumors has found out about regarding the specs:

Canon EOS 5D Mk III

61pt AF
100% VF
3.2″ LCD
Dual CF/SD Card Slots
Price: Around $3500 USD

If there’s one thing I’m curious about is the pixel density of this beauty. And being realistic, as much as I would gladly sell my car to pay for this, it’s still ridiculous for me to spend that much on a single purchase, let alone the amount of debt I’ve accrued because of my hobbies. Right now, I can only hope that some kind souls, *cough*Edj/Ashley*cough* would decide to pick up a Mk III and sell me their current gears at bargain bin prices. Wishful thinking. 😉


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