A so-called Mini doll Meet

imageWhat was merely a suggestion to meet up with some fellow local ABJD enthusiasts became a scheduled Mini meet which ended up with the commandeering of Pancake House at Bonifacio High last January 14, 2012.

Standing proudThough I had initially intended to head to the agreed upon meeting place, certain priorities took precedence.  Anywho, it was quite fortunate that Kumi managed to snag a couple of tables while the place was packed for lunch. Few moments later, Marien arrived. By this time we had a table for 8 with no dolls on display and much less people joining us. Shortly there after, kumi suggested we bring out the little ones, just as my order of blueberry pancakes arrived. Apparently, Pau and markknife, were already around just that they were shy to ask around. Can’t blame them, as it turns out t’was their first doll meet as well.

imageWhile I’m no stranger to meeting up with other doll parents, all my experiences have been in HK. It was a tad awkward since most of the local doll aficionados were ladies as opposed to my HK and SG buddies who were predominantly male. Enthusiastically, either groups werejust as welcoming. I guess it’s just local culture and the more conservative nature of Filipinos in general that make most male doll heads like myself shy away from the public eye. (Come out, come oht where ever you are!)

imageI  quite pleased to find out though that albeit the more private nature of doll heads here, the community is thriving. The day ended with getting acquainted with  30 new faces & 50+ new doll friends.

And here’s some more Photos.


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