Gear: Crumpler The Haven M

I consider myself a photo-hobbyist and I never leave home without a camera.  And lugging around a purpose built camera bag doesn’t really quite cover practicality since I usually either carry my office backpack or a messenger bag for my daily go-bag. As you’d imagine, I just stick my camera in there. Now for protection, I picked up a neutral grey colored beannie hat where I stick my camera, be it the GF1 or the 400D.  One other purpose of the Grey beannie hat is that I use it as a white-balance sheet. (trade secret right there). Thing is, it doesn’t really provide that much protection other than keep it warm like when I wear the beannie on my head.

Solution: Crumpler’s The Haven. It basically is a compartmentalized and padded sack for your camera. Comes in Small, Medium and Large. The Medium sized one comfortably fits my 400D with the Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 lens and then some other accessories in its main pouch. It’s also got pockets outside which can hold SD cards, lens caps and cable. It works more like a bag organizer with your camera in mind. Stuff it with what everyday camera needs you can, just stick it into your day bag and voila~! Your everyday bag is now also a camera bag. AND it comes in gray!!  But it also comes in different colors.

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