Gunpla Building

Here’s an old set of photos. Ever wondered what Dollfies do in their spare time? For my little vinyl girls, aside from being avid gamers, They also do a build plastic models or gunpla every now and then. Here’s some photos during their first attempt at putting together their own gunpla.

I hope they can read the manual.
The girls get their first look at what they're up against.
And so they're off.. I guess I'll see how they do in an hour or so.

Sooo.. I wonder what other fellow doll parents let their girls do other than pose for the camera.



  1. Whoa they’re building a Gold Frame Amatsu… Sure that’s not too hard for them to handle?

    Interesting question for the last sentence. The impression that the online community has given me so far is that dolls are mostly for photography. But then they are not that poseable (well nothing too dynamic) so one can’t really treat them as action figures.

    Always wanted to know what people do with their dolls other than taking photos (which is not something I take seriously). Some find the pleasure of customising/costume changing, some play around with them like acting of some sort, while some others go for more specialised interest. We may not all agree with what is the way to play with what we like, but I guess as long as we respect each other and not harm others’ interest then it’s a mutual interest.

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