Little dead girl dolls…

The touristWhen I first got into the doll hobby, I sometimes catch myself asking, “Is it normal for a guy to collect dolls? Have gone overboard with my hobbies? Am I that wird?” Then I see photos of dolls from other male online friends with shared interest and I think, “Well, they also seem with the hobby, but does that make them likewise weird as well?” Now that I have 6, yes 6, 2 foot tall 1/3 scale dolls, I can say that people can think what they want but this is part of my hobbies and keeps me from losing my sanity as I go through the crazy shit storms life throws us along the way.

And then there’s this guy.

“A suspected grave robber in the central Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod is said by police to have made 29 life-size dolls from mummified female corpses.” – Via BBC News

Anatoly Moskvin, 42, a local historian and cemetery explorer also collects, well, I guess you can call them dolls. But his dolls aren’t the kind you pay a kidney and a tit for at Yahoo! Japan Auctions. He fashions them out of, wait for it, corpses. Little dead girls corpses.

As a friend mentioned, CandyGirls suddenly don’t seem as creepy anymore. I agree. He also makes us male doll collectors look normal.

Well, he’s in police custody now and I can only imagine what the Russian cops plan to do to him. Did I mention that he’s in Russia? Yeah, he is. While Russia may have their fair share of nut jobs, like Youtube’s FPSRussia who by the way is cool, this guy probably makes even Jack the Ripper cringe.

So there you go. For the guys who are in the doll collecting hobby, when you find yourself questioning about the oddity of the hobby, just think about Ol’ Anatoly.


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