“Just one more thing…”

Stay Hungry, stay foolish. Think Different.

Silicon Valley and the rest of the digital world mourn the passing of one of the greatest visionaries in the IT Industry. Easily one of the greatest minds of the Social Media generation.

I was never much a fan of the brand that he created, and betrayed him, he resurrected and pretty much raised from the ashes and steered right up to the top of the IT industry. Such a great mind and asked for nothing less than excellence. Even during his tenure outside of Apple, he gave us 3D animation in the form of Pixar Studios. Yes, THAT Pixar. And upon his return to Apple, he gave us the iMac and inspired us to “Think Different”. His iPod’s could probably have saved the music industry from the invasion of digital downloads. With the introduction of the iPhone, being and staying connected took on a completely new meaning. And what first generation of Apple Mac I’s did for personal computing, the iPad is doing so again. I think HP’s “The computer is personal again” campaign would have been more appropriate for the recent and last developments “Steve” gave to us.

Now, before I get accused of fan-boying for Apple, let me tell you that I was more a fan of the man that led them to the stars. As most people who know me can personally attest, that aside from the one iPod touch I got from my dad a few years ago, I have always swayed away from the brand. But I cannot ignore, let alone deny, the fact that his visions have affected my digital lifestyle today. Social Media and personal blogging made a giant leap forward with his innovations and pushed the boundaries of how our world is documented. No longer did people rely solely on traditional journalism. Current affairs are now streamed directly from the eyes and ears of those who are there as it happens. Less than a decade ago, I never would have imagined myself to be blogging and sharing my personal exploits to the world, and yet now my social circle has more than quadrupled, sharing and talking similar interests with people from thousands of miles away. The way Steve Jobs’ visions revolutionized the digital industry is in a word insurmountable. The last time I’m aware that someone made such an impact with how we lived our lives was when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

And so,

Dear Steve Jobs,

Where ever you are, thank you for inventing and re-inventing mobile personal computing.

An Android user.




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  1. i gonna have my own Iphone this X-mas then suddenly it was really shock that the man create the most advantage thing that really help is passed away… sorry & condolence too…

    RIP Steve Jobs & thank you..

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