Sound track of my life.

Coming across UnboxPH’s Audio Technica M50 giveaway, I figured I’d give it a shot. As I thought about what to write, I end up going on a trip down memory lane and taking in a whole lot of nostalgia pills.

What was supposed to be just a music article that’d serve as a contest entry took me through nearly 2 decades worth of music and memories. But I’m not gonna bore you with my Disney soundtracks and show you my best impressions of The Little Mermaid’s Louis singing “Les Poisson”.   Instead let’s go right to when I was heavily into the music. A time when Pinoy music ruled the airwaves, Wolfgang didn’t refer to a classical composer and we all wanted to drive to Batangas with our pet dog. The decade of OPM; Dekada ’90.

It was in the early 90’s when I first really got onto the radio, Waking up earlier than I would have to catch Zack and Joey on NU107 as I did my morning rituals. I was in the latter years of Grade School, and Snow’s Informer was played nearly every hour on the hour at every mainstream music station.  It was also during these times when me and what would be my High School cohorts started really bonding.  And it was through our ecclectic tastes in music that we really got to enjoy what is said to be the best and worst days of our lives. In those days, we didn’t know it yet but we were compiling the soundtracks of our lives. Regardless of what the world chucked at us hungry youths, we’d take a song and blast through them like we were Meatloaf on a Motorcycle like a bat out of hell, or an X-wing doing the trench run on the Death Star. Before we knew it, we were your usual honest to goodness suspects, or ‘outsiders’ depending on how you look at it,  like you’d see on a Saturday morning cartoon.

By the Mid 90’s, we were in the thick of high school and we began finding who we were in the social network.  And no, this isn’t your Facebook or MySpace friends lists. It was good ol’fashioned High school campus student heirarchy.  From the rich popular kids, to the jocks and bullies, to the nerds. Being an all boys school, our version of the “Mean Girls” troupe were a bunch of screaming gays.  And then there was us, those who didn’t really fit into any of them. The odd bunch so to speak. We were all geeks in one way or the other. There was the demi-goth guy, road warrior, religious choir guy, the artist, Mr. Zen, an altar boy and, yours truly, all around big guy. As varied as our personalities were our personalities, and it was thus the varied tastes that surprisingly brings us together. But I guess what really brought our gang green gang together was our love for music. While we may have had our personal tastes, we all had our special place for what was 90’s OPM. I guess if we could summise the entire 90’s music scene for us, it would have been the garage band, Violent Playground.  We knew each song by heart, while not all of us were too musically inclined, there were 4 guys who really were musicians by nature. I wasn’t one of them, but they inspired me and got me to pick up the guitar. I would join in on jamming sessions whenever I could up until we were in our senior year.

Despite our graduating and each going to different campuses, we still found ourselves hanging out whenever we could. Most often than not it was either an OPM rock band’s concert, a jamming session or some movie with an awesome soundtrack like Armageddon or Gone in 60 seconds.  I guess what I can say is that, I owe my brady bunch of friends due to the fact that we found the soundtrack to our lives early on.

5000 plus mp3’s on my play list and hundreds of CD’s later, I still find myself updating the songs in my life’s soundtrack albeit with a few mainstays which I think I’ll carry on with me for the rest of my life.


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  1. “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.” ~ Zelda Fitzgerald

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