Dollfie Dream X Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Project

As the lot of you may all be aware of, Volks is hungry and wants your monies again.  And they plan to do it with the help of Type-Moon, creator of the Fate series.  Here’s how they plan to do it.

If you don’t recognize it yet, The swords on the teaser poster are that of new Sabers. Yes, New ones! Sporting the new Dollfie Dream Type III body. First up we got Saber Nero from the Fate/Extra Game which came with a Figma version of Saber Nero.  DD Saber Nero will be the first DD-III body to come with an L-bust after DD Aoi version 2. She comes in her red princess gown and her rather intimidating sword. If I’m not mistaken, it was designed by Black Rock Shooter creator, Huke.  What little I have left in my savings is currently cringing by their pants now.  She will be going for 72450JPY(taxes included)

And as if my all but depleted credit could take anymore of a beating, that’s Dark Excalibur crossing behind Saber Nero’s sword there.  That can only mean Volks is releasing a second version of Saber Alter.  As you may all know, she’s one of my Dollfie Holy Grails next to ToHeart’s Tamaki and SHnY Haruhi and Yuki. Saber Alter will be going for 65100JPY with taxes.

At first I was a bit on the fence as I really liked the first Saber’s face. After seeing her re-make up. I am just downright in love. That and her goth inspired gown is just exquisite. When I first got wind of these Sabers, I was set on picking up Saber Alter. But after seeing both of them, I’m scrambling to get my other PO’s out the window and get some income.  I guess one good news I can get from this is that they’re both going up for pre-order, just like the White Album girls.  I plan on pre-ordering both of them and then decide who I’m gonna drop so I can purchase later on with the help of

Saber Alter will also have her training suit and Swimsuit coming out along with her. I can do without these as I can get other prettier stuff from talented dollfie seamstresses I have become acquainted in. :3

So if you’re interested in procuring either, or both of these ladies, head on over to the Volks Int’l website and sign up now. Pre-Orders open September 23, 2011 and run through October 30 with payments scheduled for November and December.  Saber Alter and Saber Nero are slated for release in February 2012.

Source: DD Blog


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