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Java Shots: Cafe Dre@min @kiba

Now as I’ve mentioned, Dollism Plus was held July 17, 2011.  The night before, HK Twitter buddy @TonyBSD set up a get together with the Singaporean Dollism+ delegates.  Having known these guys on twitter and on a certain-orange-figure-forum-faux-pas, with the exception of Quentin, it was my first time to meet in person @winterknight00, @gordont_td8316, and “@r@yd3n who prefers not to be named”, as well as several other folk from Singapore (holler back guys, I’m bad with names, XP).   And what better way than to do the meet up at a maid cafe.  As far as I could gather, they had to move the venue the larger of the 2 maid cafes in Mong Kok as we were quite a sizable group. Continue reading