Java Shots: Dollism Plus 6

With the 6th Dollism Plus wrapped up, here are some quick snaps and a few quips from what has transpired after another successful Hong Kong doll gathering.  Soon as I sort what little photos I managed to snap, Mikuru will be making a full report of the event as well as introduce someone to you my humble readers.

•Mikuru’s homecoming as it was around this same time, 2 Solar cycles ago that when I picked her up from JR Toys. It was a time long before I knew the magnificent HK doll group, Ms. N and Dollfie World.

•Maid Cafe’s are more queer and fun than what I had imagined and experienced back home.

•Language barriers do not apply to people who share the same hobbies and interest. Doll heads especially.

•Hong Kong doll seamstresses know how to tickle my fancy.

•I need to do more PAID overtime work to satisfy said fancy of mine.

•Singaporeans are funnier than I can remember.

•Singaporean doll heads are crazier than I would have ever imagined.

•WinterKnight and _______ share an unhealthy relationship with a cat rabbit spawn freak of nature.

•I need to get my cousin those cookies from Singapore

•Applepuff is living testament that true blue Asians have metabolism equivalent that off a Krups food pasteurizer

•Wolfheinrich has way, waa~ay too many dolls.

Epic Dollism Plus 6 is Epic.

•AlodiaAlmira has never gone “gone” to a convention since I saw her as Rikku…. Until recently at DP6.

I stopped counting at 60 Dollfies. And that was just the Dollfie Dreams, Resins and customs not included.

•Dollism Plus needs to be part of my annual Holiday calendar.

Crazy after party is crazy. Blurry photo is blurry.

•Doll heads in the Philippines need to pay a visit to Dollism Plus.

With those half witted remarks, I therefore conclude that my efforts to move to HK as a permanent resident need to be quadruple shot with caramel drizzle and java chips in 2 servings.

The aforementioned coffee cookies.

Originally uploaded via Samsung Galaxy Tab.  All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Tab *edit:  rearranged layout.



  1. Hey man, it’s nice to meet up with you last weekend! The event has been quite something, and it was a first time of many things for me. You’re right that the Singaporeans really are pretty crazy and know how to enjoy themselves. It’s quite a contrast to others I’ve known in Hong Kong or other places so far ^^;

  2. For me its the face – I never use any of the characters default clothes and most of the bodies are the same – DD DDY Obitsu etc..I also notice many folks paying premiums for the doll head alone – this is not over yet but currently at – for just the head and eyes – cost more than the original price of the whole shebang .This photo of Yuki-chan joining us for brekkie in France…

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