DDIII Sakuya Izayoi

Volks Japan Inc has updated their Dollfie Dream page and now features the next release from Touhou characters, Izayoi Sakuya, with the new Dollfie Dream Type III body.  They’ve also uploaded some beautiful shots of her.

She’ll be available at Volks’ Home Town Dollpa Kobe at the end of the month along with a DDIII version of Moe from the Akihabara After School image characters of Volks.  My guess is, just like other event exclusive DD’s, they would both be requiring lottery entries.

For those unfamiliar with her, here’s a quick backgrounder on Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Stage 5 boss, and a playable character in Touhou games 7-9, 10.5 and 12.3. Sakuya is the only human living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, yet she is also the head maid. The official fanbook suggests she had been a vampire hunter before she began working in the mansion, but she was defeated by Remilia Scarlet who pitied her and gave Sakuya her current name. Though she looks about sixteen like the other girls, Sakuya has the ability to slow, stop and possibly reverse time. She seems to have been serving Remilia for a long time and may be far older than she looks. Socially, she interacts mainly with the others in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She uses her time abilities using a pocketwatch, named the Lunar/Luna Clock.

Her talents are cooking, knife throwing and time manipulation. The latter two abilities characterize her appearances in-game, and led to frequent parodies in reference to Dio Brando of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, who also controls time and throws knives. This reference goes so far as Sakuya using some of his poses in a game. She is often associated with dogs by other characters because she is serving as a demon’s “faithful guard dog” even though she is a full blood human. Due to the inconsistent artwork depicting her bust between games, dōjinshi often make fun of her by indicating that she pads her breasts.

Her name “Sakuya” literally means “Flowering Night”, the same as her background music theme in Touhou 9 and later appearances.

As the Touhou project remains unlicensed, despite its wide and ever growing international fan base, she will not be available for sale outside of Japan just like DDS Reimu and DDS Marisa.  But that never really stopped hardcore collectors and enterprising individuals overseas from acquiring her (myself included).

Still on the fence about her hair color.
But her eyes!! And her face in general is just calling to me.

All photos are copyright of Volks Japan Inc.

Via Dollfie Dream Blog

Yasuko's wonderland
Meanwhile, Yasuko is really excited for the weekend now.

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