Epic Journey: Quest for Comfort Caffeine

Sometimes, somedays, you just feel so out of it  than any formal attempts at being productive results in futility thereby exerting any form of effort is rendered fruitless.  All of this can be summed up in a single word phrase: burnout.

IMG_3301In these cases, a good morale boost would be to achieve a sense of accomplishment.  Some of my choices can be the complicated hobby of building plastic model kits and lightsabers, or preparing a gourmet meal of  Soy lemon chicken to bring to work the following day. Or something simple like defenstrating megalomaniac Sith Lords down bottomless pits or trekking to the coffee shop at 9pm one humid evening just to get a cup of over priced watered down coffee.

This post is about the latter.

And so, my Epic quest for a late night comfort drink begins!!

My street was already unusually quiet by the time I stepped out of the house.  Unusual because usually, a usual group would at their spot at the usual corner store having their usual round of drinks, usually up to 1 am.  Very unusual.  So  I continue on with my walk, thankfully my end of the street is now well lit.

Just a short walk from my humble abode brings me to the main road.  From here, I can take one of the many ubiquitous jeepneys traversing the roads that can lead me to nearly every point of town I wish to go.  EVENT~! I ponder, should I take a jeepney to my destination or do I continue walking.  Decision~! Seeing the queue of people waiting to board, I decide to continue walking.  Albeit the air  was slightly warm and humid, it was a cloudless night and I would rather not wait for the next jeepney to arrive.  I figured  I could use the exercise anyway and as they say, the path you take makes the destination all the more worthwhile.  Or something like that.

Shaky shot is shaky.

Crossing the street, I get to the less lit part of the street.  Ironically, the community office and hall are right there.  Not to mention the community watchmen are also just hanging around right outside the town hall.

One has to be careful here not for the dangers of being mugged or assaulted but for the numerous doggy made landmines.  I wouldn’t want to smell like poo when I reach my destination now would I.  Having a comfort coffee with the stinky stench does not make fora good evening.

Once past the dark part and then turning right leads me back to the main road that runs parallel the river.  From here, it’s straight ahead to the mall.  One can enjoy the murky, muddy smell of the river as they walk along the dimly lit elevated river bank.  No worries of falling into the drink as there are hand rails that would keep you from doing so unless they really intend to.

Lots of vehicles pass through here. particularly public transport.  Sidewalk on the river banks recently got a re-fit and are very well paved.  Unfortunately the same can’t be said on the other side.

This leads back to the intersection I first crossed.
One thing I do enjoy while I walk along the dimly lit levy, I get to see the lights across the river.
One thing I don't like is that there are some "suspicious" folk using this area as a hang out.
One final hop across the main road, and I am on my way to my destination!
Ready~, FIGHT~!!
Intermission!! I figured you guys might be getting tired of looking at dark, shaky, cellphone photos so I decided to throw a random figure photo action shot. :3
Even at 9pm, the mall is still alive what with the bistros and theatre staying open until midnight.
On weekends, they display cars in the main atrium. This week was Volvo's turn.
I got to test drive the Vovlo XC60 during the Auto Show held last April. Nice and comfy ride.
At the food court, they cycle food stalls in the middle. This week was pastries.
Just few more metres, but first a quick stop to freshen up. Clean lavatories are clean.
The crab arrives. Yeah, I got her of course.
Another Intermission!! After being held in customs for a long while, Figma Hiragi finally arrives. Not too fond of the sculpt but it's one of the better ones out there next to the Goodsmile PVC.
Finally made it!! Just waiting in line.
And finally!! Achievement!! Gratification!!

 And so having finally reached my destination, I finally get to have my comfort caffeine.  Iced Green Tea Latte. om nom nom nom~ After a 15 minute leisurely walk through a balmy tropical evening, I get to sit down, enjoy my drink and listen to some music while reading a book.


If you’re still reading this and feel like you’ve been duped, then don’t feel bad. :3 Admit it, you kind of found it funny.  If you want more pointlessly irrelevant posts like these, then I suggest heading on over to a certain green formerly orange faux-pas figure forum.  You’re bound to find a lot of  “quality” posts like these.



  1. with the photo trail i can now accurately say the following… I know where you live.


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