Doll news for July

Lovely aren't they!This July is certainly a doll-centric month for me.  As per my annual visit to the Fragrant Harbor, I figured I’d schedule this year’s visit to coincide with the annual doll exhibit, Dollism Plus, happening on the 17th July, 2011 at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (九龍灣國際展貿中心).

During my last visit in November 2010, I got to spend an evening with the HK doll-folk. A fun bunch they are and very accommodating, also a very good reminder for me to brush up on my Mandarin.  T’was nice to be able to put a face to the ‘Tweetah’ names having been able to meet @Quentinlau and @Stepswalker.  Looking forward to this year’s Dollism, I’ll be meeting the rest of the HK doll community. I also understand that a large group of SG Doll folk as well as some from BKK will also be arriving.  This is going to be quite a big get together. Aside from Yasuko and Mikuru, thankfully, I won’t be alone in representing the budding doll community of the Philippines.

As my brief, and much vaunted, mid-year trip to my second city looms every faster, I am also tying up loose ends for the adoption of a new member to my 1/3 Army.  With the aid of premier HK doll expert, @Dollfieworld‘s Ms. N, I was able to track down and make arrangements for a certain unconventionally sized dollfie from “The Eastern Project”.  It was a long time running since DDS Marisa Kirisame was released, but given her limited availability, certain measures had to be taken and I think that they were all worth it.

Dollfie Dream Base Body IIIAnywho, continuing with this doll-centric post, Volks thought it best not to be out done by HK’s Dollism plus and decided that they could do with a fresh round of donations from my all but strained credit limit. Word has it that at the end of this month, Kobe will be hosting the next Home Town DollPa.  And with it, some new Dollfie Dreams in the form of their new and fresh out of the molds Dollfie Dream III base body.  From initial reports, it seems it will be a hybrid of the 50cm DD Sister body and their standard 60cm DD II body.  I have to say, Volks knows how to tickle my fancy.

Dollfie Dream Moe 2nd Ver.Initially released in DD Gathering 2009, DD Moe quickly captured the hearts and wallets of many collectors and scalpers.  As at that time, I was pretty much tied up with a mountain of pre-orders as well as having gotten 3 Dollfies that year, I had to pass up on her.  What was to be at first, a prime choice for my collection of DD variants, I shelved the idea of picking her up as the S-Bust option part was made available.  Now, DD Moe has been reincarnated in DD-III body, my want for her has been re-ignited.  THAT FRESH FACE! It’s just so innocent looking and soft.  I feel though I will have to pick her up later in the year to give my financial status a breather.  Seeing her has already made my caffeine induced heart skip a beat, but Volks wasn’t done torturing this poor sap off his financial misery.

Dollfie Dream SakuyaVolks third release from the very popular and unlicensed doujin project “Touhou”, comes the Head Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion her self, Manipulator of time, “Flowering Night”, Sakuya Izayoi (十六夜 咲夜).  Easily one of my favorite characters, as is a lot of people who are fans of the game, she is a must get for me.  But as I mentioned earlier, With Touhou refusing to be a licensed title, I see her availability outside of Japan to be highly unlikely.  As fellow blogger Leukemio mentioned, the use of a proxy service to acquire her will be all but naught and unlikely.  It seems I will be employing the services of Ms. N again sooner than I had expected.  But as far as her appearance goes, her face sculpt is nothing short of exquisite and her likeness to her cell shaded counter part is very close. IF I were to make a gripe, it would have to be her hair.  From the photo provided, it looks like a bluish silver where as far as I can remember, her hair is straight silver.  While I’d prefer to see more photos before I make a decision, I’m thinking I’ll still be getting her rather than build a DD version of her from scratch.


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  1. Good luck in your mission to get Moe! Definitely nice to see a re-release, though never understood why the Akiba girls weren’t sold all the time since they are Volks own creation. Guess to make them limited and more desirable.

    1. I think it’s more of that they’re not your standard Image Characters like Aoi and Yukino. But more like from their Lost Angels Story. It’s as you said, a ploy to maintain exclusivity and desirability.

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