Black Gold Saw -animation version- (via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version)

I’ve been mellowing down on picking up PVC figures but this figure of Black Gold Saw from the BRS franchise is something I definitely wouldn’t mind having on my office desk. I just might pick this one up.

I’ve passed up on both BRS and Dead Master PVC figures, for both financial and preferential reasons.  But I seem to be drawn to Black Gold Saw unlike that of the other characters in the BRS universe.

Moar Figma BGS

Black Gold Saw -animation version- Tsukki is still away on his trip to China!  The Bramble is valiantly defending his desk, just like when Gakkun was away in China!! Although I do wonder how he managed to move between desks… He seems a bit  busy at the moment though… So I can grab this sample away from the desk!! 😀          ____        /      \       /\  /   \     /  ⌒   ⌒    \  ”Sorry for always taking them     |///(__人__) ///  |         … Read More

via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version

And a random photo of Figma Black Gold Saw
Black Gold Saw hopping aroundFigma Black Gold Saw



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