MaxFac Clalaclan Swimsuit ver.

Max Factory’s Clalaclan Swimsuit version came out around January 2011.  Thanks to our ever so reliable Customs terrorists Postal system, mine got to me around early April.  Nonetheless, I will have to say that anticipation heightens the pleasure. :3

MF_Clalaclan SwimsuitMeanwhile, in my procrastination, I complete forgot this post was in my drafts.  I blame my resurge in playing C&C3 and C&C4.

You’ll have to pardon the slightly reddish tone of the photos as I only intended to resize/crop these photos quickly in MS Picture Manager but instead changing the color profile as well.

This shot turned out OK apparently. With the colors not too altered by the saving. She does look a tad pale but adds realism to her skin color which might I say is a nice flat flesh tone.

At nearly 7000 Jpy, she isn’t exactly cheap. But then again, what Max Factory PVC figure isn’t.  For the price however, you can expect no shoddy paint jobs or mangled torsos.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie~!"

If there is one gripe I do have is her odd tan line.  NOT that I am complaining, I just find it, well, odd.  It does accentuate her posterior, or as Empowered’s Caged Demon wolf would say, “Firmly upholstered rump“.This shot kind of reminds me of Kim Kardashian.. come to think of it, Clalaclan’s proportions remind me of Kim Kardashian.  I mean, DAYUM~ girls gotta lotta junk in da trunk. *insert hashtag #EPICTITS #DATASS

It would be safe to say that this is easily one of my fave figures of recent release and I’m glad I didn’t skip out on her.



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