Grand Rapids Lip Dub – American Pie

What might be the best lip dub if not MV of an iconic song could only performed by a city said to be on the throes of dying. Yes, an entire city, Grand Rapids Michigan, took part in what could be the greatest  feat in Music Video history.

Made as a response to an article stating that Grand Rapids, Mi. was among a list of dying cities of America, 5,000 patriotic citizens decided to show the world that their city was alive and well.  Taking their efforts to the streets, practically shut down the city made a music milestone.  To the tune of Don Mclean’s iconic “American Pie”, residents took part in what is a record breaking lipdub of the folk rock song.  And as far as the Video goes, I’ve seen a dozen single cut videos, and I have seen exceptionally well made ones, but this probably takes the cake at nearly 9 minutes long and the scope of which it covers.

Here’s an excerpt from the Yahoo! News article:

Rob Bliss(the director) wrote that the nearly nine-minute video is the longest and largest of its type — take that Today show and Emerson College! — cost $40,000 provided by local sponsors, and involved a near total shutdown of the city’s downtown. The one-take, one-camera video set to an acoustic version of the song is indeed a huge survey of the city’s landscape, featuring four fire trucks, a wedding, a marching band, kayaks, and about a million amateur acoustic guitar players (that’s a rough estimate, but if the car manufacturing business in Michigan is slumping, the cheap acoustic guitar trade is thriving).

 Just the other day, my home city celebrated its 341st anniversary.  They closed traffic on the street where my office building is and held a grand parade. This happens every year.  Like everybody else in my office block, it has proven to be a nuisance for motorists and pedestrians who are trying to make a living, shuffling to and from work.  Having lived here all my life, I have a new sense of pride for my city after watching that clip.

So to the proud denizens of Grand Rapids, Mi. The World Hears ya!

Via Yahoo! Music


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