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Thigh High Thursday – 30June2011

These past few days have been on the damp side with some spots of sunshine. But other than that, it’s mostly been raining in the afternoon. Sometimes, the rain would be nothing more than a shower. At times, it would go on for 2 days straight.

Personally, I like the rain. Not just that it cools the air but when I get to walk under it on my home, it feels refreshing.  As if my worries and stresses are, for a moment, cleansed.

Well then, enough chit chat and to some lovely ladies in our favorite leg fashion enjoying the wet weather. Continue reading

Black Gold Saw -animation version- (via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version)

I’ve been mellowing down on picking up PVC figures but this figure of Black Gold Saw from the BRS franchise is something I definitely wouldn’t mind having on my office desk. I just might pick this one up.

I’ve passed up on both BRS and Dead Master PVC figures, for both financial and preferential reasons.  But I seem to be drawn to Black Gold Saw unlike that of the other characters in the BRS universe.

Moar Figma BGS

Black Gold Saw -animation version- Tsukki is still away on his trip to China!  The Bramble is valiantly defending his desk, just like when Gakkun was away in China!! Although I do wonder how he managed to move between desks… He seems a bit  busy at the moment though… So I can grab this sample away from the desk!!😀          ____        /      \       /\  /   \     /  ⌒   ⌒    \  ”Sorry for always taking them     |///(__人__) ///  |         … Read More

via Mikatan’s Blog | English Version

And a random photo of Figma Black Gold Saw
Black Gold Saw hopping aroundFigma Black Gold Saw

MaxFac Clalaclan Swimsuit ver.

Max Factory’s Clalaclan Swimsuit version came out around January 2011.  Thanks to our ever so reliable Customs terrorists Postal system, mine got to me around early April.  Nonetheless, I will have to say that anticipation heightens the pleasure. :3

MF_Clalaclan Swimsuit Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday – 2011June2

This here edition of THT is a bit special.  As most of you are most aware the term “Zettai Ryouiki” (絶対領域) was coined by Japanese pop culture and has been most proliferate in a lot of anime manga, and games of late.  What I can’t seem to put my finger on is why their fashion and gravure publication aren’t so heavy on it. Continue reading

Hong Kong Grub


Whenever I fly over to Hong Kong, one of the things I most look forward to is the food.  And  while  there are places that certainly demand a good penny for a meal, if one knows where to go, a couple of bucks, HK$50 to be exact can take you a long way.  A new show on will take you on an epicurean’s tour of Hong Kong. Showing you places to grab a grub from a quick bite to a filling dinner.

Read more :   New show: Best Hong Kong food for under HK$50 |

Grand Rapids Lip Dub – American Pie

What might be the best lip dub if not MV of an iconic song could only performed by a city said to be on the throes of dying. Yes, an entire city, Grand Rapids Michigan, took part in what could be the greatest  feat in Music Video history. Continue reading