Starbucks Happy Hour

Last Monday, May 2, 2011, Starbucks branches around Metro Manila kicked off their Happy hour promo.

For 2 hours of everyday of the  first week of May, Starbucks patrons get to have their Frappuccino’s of choice for half price.  Also patrons, may only get 2 drinks at a time.  Given how the promo is set up, bedlam ensued at every Starbucks branch during lunch.

The following events took place between 1pm and 2pm on May3rd, 2011.

01:00pm; I enter the establishment and this is the sight that greets me.
50% off Frappiccinos for 2 hours only, and you get this: Bedl... on Twitpic
01:10 This was the situation at the counter area.
01:30pm; bumped into some office mates who ordered ahead of me. They just got their order
01:35pm; Now queued to wait for my order. Frantic is the only way to the describe what’s going behind the counter
2pm: Back at the office with my spoils

I think it’s safe to say that, for me at least, waiting in line for a nearly an hour for a pair of half priced drinks is not something I would want to do again.



  1. Forget it if it was me. I would not line up that long… I would rather just get my free HSBC cup instead. 🙂

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