Thigh High Thursday – 2011March24

Pardon the irregularity of this series as certain priorities do have to come first. Especially if they mean feeding me and satisfying my hobbies.

Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara
Surely everyone recognizes Sasara by the now. This here be Wolfheinrich's (liking the lighting here)

Anywho, long time coming since the last Dollfie Dream edition. Thing is, rounding up photos of DD’s in Thigh highs is quite time consuming as there are only so much out there that I don’t want to finish everything off in one go.

Well enough chit chat, here’s this month’s selection. =D


Seems like Hololo’s Kanu found the key to the wine cabinet.


Saber Lily in Maid Dress (Prototype A)

My girls 2
di-chan’s girls ever so cute.


Seems like Sasara is really enjoying her home stay with Gordon
Rina made a snowman
Rina seems to be enjoying the snow here.

Iris-san's Rina




Sunnazi is really churning beautiful photos in equally beautiful locations around Taiwan.
Can't blame her musume for going out with a camera herself. :3


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