Moon Over the Castle – Masahiro Andoh

Any bona fide Gran Turismo fan knows well and true that theme that Masahiro Andoh has written solely for the game series.  It has, as GT’s  gameplay and attention to graphical details, become so popular to the point that a lot of players would go to the ends of the earth to get the Japanese version of the game just to get the Japanese intro with iconic progressive rock theme.

But I can probably bet you that you’ve never heard it like this.

And here’s the original Japanese opening of Gran Turismo 2 with the piano intro.  To me still by far one of the best versions of the song.

And just to throw it out there, here’s the (rather lengthy) GT5 intro


1 Comment

  1. Awesome, awesome! Moon over the Castle is just an amazing tune that provokes a rush through your body, as with intros. Thanks for sharing the embed on the piano version, so awesome.

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