February 14 again… wee


Incidentally it is Happy S.A.D. today! Other wise, there’s November 11 in China which is Singles day or ‘光棍节’ (Guan Gun Jie), meaning bare sticks holiday, which is a university Holiday for, well, you get it.

But regardless, I still find the ideas of dakimakuras, uh, odd.  But that’s still normal compared to arm pillows. Though I wouldn’t mind Oppai pillows. I heard they were comfy. (=‿‿=)

Now if you’ll excuse me while I get back to work as the rest of office team mates have gone and called for leaves and I am left to man the fort.

And now for some yuri... wait... WHAT?!

And your random youtube video…



  1. Ha ha ha…still remind me that i am one of the SMV (Samahang malamig ang Valentines)…sigh

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