deviantART on Entrepreneur Magazine

Well, well… deviantART has apparently made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.  Frankly, had it been ImagineFX or 3Dcreative, I would not have been all too surprised.  But considering how much it has become a brand, I’m not all too surprised either.

While I am happy and all for @deviantART being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, i just hope it doesn’t make them just another Facebook or any other social networking site. It started out as a home for visual artists and I hope it stays that way for the years to come.

Albeit there is a growing number of non-artists joining, dA has managed to maintain its identity as an online artists community.  It probably is, and only will be, the social network that I have updated regularly from the moment I started an account.   Back when I first joined, it was quite literally a pool of portfolios for budding and aspiring artists.  Nothing more than a personal journal, deviantID/profile pic and a couple of thumbnails of recent uploads on the profile page.  This simplistic approach to promote ones creativity through user generated content, or deviatons as the community refers to it, brings in a tight-nit sense of camaraderie between active deviants. This can be most evidently seen between artists who use similar mediums.

Just like all online communities though, it is not without its trolls and spammers. I will have to admire how the mods and admins are doing their job by keeping things hands on. Trust me, I’ve had a few messages from them in my inbox. And while they do their best to maintain a sense of order in the organized chaos of this collective rectum, they are not unreasonable and will listen to you. They actually motivate and inspire members, aka deviants, to be proactive within the community. Bearing that in mind, it isn’t place for plagiarists and art thieves. I for one have seen fellow deviants deliver swift retribution, often with rabbid conviction, against these so called art thieves. This sense of “protecting your fellow artists” mentality though has at times swayed new comers from coming into the fold, as at times, to err on the side of ignorance can be un-tolerated if not misunderstood.

While it may have evolved into something that Scott jark, the yellow alienJarkoff and Matthew Stephens may have conceived it to be when it first started out, it still retains most of the stuff that has made it quite popular with artistic folks. And with continuous innovations being developed that are centric to artists interacting with each other, I foresee it to be the most ideal site for building artists’ personal networks, be it the one who are just starting out with their artistic careers or the established ones.


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