Happy Birthday Nozomi Sasaki

Late as it is, I still want to extend my well wishes to Nozomi Sasaki who celebrated her 22nd birthday last February 8th. May she have a successful career and good health.

Speaking of well wishes, it’s Chinese New Year this Sunday so A happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 恭喜发财!

To celebrate both these wonderful occasions, here’s what is my first idol feature here on me blog.

Take it away Nozomi-chan! (My doesn’t she look stunning in that red cheongsam.)

Tanjoubi Omedetto, Nozomin!

場合は、幸せな誕生日を読んでいる! 私はあなたに成功を収め、健康と幸福を望む。

Her smile is just.. HHNNNNNNGGH… so… ETHEREAL!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GAWD~  Even when she’s apprehensive about what she’s eating she still looks cute.

Update: Taking my cue from fellow Nozomi fan, Gordonator, I thought I’d just put this right back up to celebrate her B-day. :3

Source: reallycuteasians.net


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