Figmas of 2011 Winter Wonfes

Here’s a quick glance of the figmas that were announced over the recently concluded 2011 Winter Wonfes.  Frankly, I’m quite thankful there aren’t that many that I’m inclined to be really get.

First up, We got White Rock Shooter.  Scheduled for release in Summer (Japan) 2011 with the upcoming BRS Game. By god it is beautiful.

Not exactly sure what we got displayed here but most likely just 2 of the same product being displayed.  Either way, this looks to be set as one of them must have for fans of the BRS franchises.  Pre-orders for the game have been open for a while now in Amiami.

Continuing with the Black Rock Shooter franchise, here we got STR or “Strength”.  Just taking a glimpse of those mechanical arms, they definitely mean business.  No release date yet.

And here’s Figma number 100: Append Miku. Love the hair, but some what disappointed with the face.  I was hoping it would take after the MaxFac Scale figure.  Looks to be not that much different from the original Figma Miku face released a few lunar cycles ago.  Also, not as spectacular as I would have expected for Figma #100.

Aaah… Things just got interesting here with my eagerly anticipated Figma Suika of the Touhou doujin series.  She’s looking every bit as adorable if you’d ask me.

I hope they include her drunk look as one of her alternate faces.  I’m sure few comrades’ grubby mitts are itching for this.  Now where’s my Figma Yukari Yakumo!!

Then after those rather interesting  line up, MaxFac goes and give us this.  I don’t know if I should be reeling from the epicness or just dumb founded.  If you still can’t tell, that’s a Figma Robocop.  Now if it were, say, “The Terminator”, T-800 or otherwise, then I’d be flailing like a kid on fire.

To make up for the somewhat bitter after taste that is Figma Robocop, we get a new Drossie!!  Last time we heard, Disney’s web series Fireball get’s a second season and the 19th Lord of Uranos’ Kingdom’s Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel gets a rather interesting make over. Although gone are the twintails, she get a nice sleek and spiffy look ala Persona’s Aegis and Metis.  And see that huge thing beside the figma? yes, that also seems to be a poseable figure. It might be a one-off, or it could be what I’m guessing is to be it’s Chogokin version.

Meanwhile, something not exactly seen at Wonfes although still every bit as vaunted is a certain Tsundere Nendroid.  Yes.. finally, at long last, we get a real NENDOROID TAIGA!!! Donning the black serafuku as seen in the ending of the Toradora series. I’m pretty sure Chun will be rolling in hysteria for this as I am.

Update: You might wanna check out fellow figure blogger, Nendogamer’s Wonfes coverage for a more complete listing of figures.

Well then, that done. Here’s a random Girl’s Generation MV for you.

Photos from Tomopop



  1. Oooh~! New figma Drossel~! I want it!

    I know you’re disappointed with figma #100 but I know you still plan to get it just for its number. 🙂

    1. Yes.. that Figma drossel is looking very slick indeed. WE must have her. :3 And If I’m getting that new Miku, I might get her when she gets out, unless she turns out to be an exclusive.

  2. WRS was supposed to be a miss for me, especially with the mecha wings, but when pictures of coloured version of the figma are revealed and that the wings are removable, I’m done. How low have I fallen now… OTL

    Someone get me out of this black hole!

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