Not the right way to deal with marriage problems

Caught this video by way of twitter user @SithSarcasm

A disgruntled wife has now brought to the internet her ire for her husband’s Star Wars  collection. So, she decides to upload a video to youtube asking what she can do to get her hubby to clean up his collection by setting fire to a vintage figure of Boba Fett. Yes, you read right. She set fire to a VINTAGE action figure of BOBA FETT.

Heidi is a real housewife who is fed up with her husband’s obsessive hobby of toy collecting. Endless pleading with him to clean up their house has fallen on deaf ears. She has decided to make a statement by gradually destroying her husband’s star wars and other toy figures. Beginning this week, she will creatively reduce his collection by what viewers suggest.

As any smart and sensible human being would do, there’s more than one way to get your partner’s attention about something that irks you. Taking a candle to your other half’s prized possessions are often left to really, REALLY bad break up situations such as a cheating husband/wife.  Seriously, whatever happened to being supportive of your partner’s hobbies and such.

As per her seeking advice, here’s my suggestion: Sign up for the Witness Protection program.  Because once this video goes viral, there will be no hiding from the droves of rabid Star Wars fans who will want to see her head on a stick.

Meanwhile, here’s a more amusing and cuter video to quell your anger.



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