Kira~Kira Shining… SHAAAA~!!!

Last we saw Rin, she was waving around what appears to be her magic, uh, toothbrush.  Casting some sort of spell from a giant Starbucks Rocket tumbler filled with packing peanuts.  What she hopes to accomplish is well beyond my imagination

So, let’s see what all the hubbub is all about that she even mustered me as well as her sisters to watch her exploits. But like I said, whatever it is, I got a bad feeling about this.

Well then, Rin, what have you got for us this time?WUTDAPOOPIZZAT~!

What kinda spell did you just cast? A summoning spell? FOR WHAT?!

Uh, Rin… I don’t think you want to stick your head in there. What ever it was you called in seems to have snuck back into them packing peanuts.

YOU WANT MIKURU TO DO WHAT NOW?! NO!! You’re not sending her in there. Besides, how is that going to help us find out whatever it is YOU summoned?  (Why do I get the feeling that you’re not even listening?)

Ok, Now what? You’re not intending to have her as a sacrifice or anything are you? Try that and I’m gonna cut your Ferrero supplies.

Trust you, you say? Reluctantly I would have to say. The last time you asked me to trust you, left me paying through my nose in quarters.

It’ll be OK, Mikuru. The minute you sense something’s not right, I’ll get you out of there.


Rin!!! Seriously?! What were you thinking… whut?!

WTF!?! Oooh… Shiny!!!

Sweetpinkperkynipplets~! SEIHBAHR LEELEEEEE~! O_O

Rin!! Did you…? When? Where? HOW?!

My monies… (ToT)


And so, the arrival of Saber Lily into my humble quirky household marks an expensive way to start the New Year.  T’was quite the task, and I’m sure the upkeep shall be just as much work. At the way things are going, I’m gonna need more ways to acquire finances than the one and a half jobs I maintain now.

While she maybe a financial back breaker, she’s definitely well worth the investment. Glad I didn’t delay getting her. I’m just wondering how the heck am I gonna get my grubby mitts on DDS Marisa later in February.



  1. So you did get a DD Saber Lily at the end! Feel sorry for your wallet, but congrats on getting something so dear to you!

    A dangerous hobby this really is as you have told me ^^; Hope your wallet survives long enough for Marisa in February!

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