Thigh High Thursday – 2010Dec16

And so here we are again.  A bevy of vinyl legs in thigh highs socks and stockings.

This week, we got some of our old time fave photogs and a few new ones. So, sit back, grab some tea and cookies and scroll down to delight your Dollfie Dream palette with this year’s last helping of DD’s

First off, a set from a new find.

桜夜つばさ has an amazing imagination and incredible eye for photography
From complex setups to simple poses, they really do seem to come to life.
Haruna in Sweater
Speaking of simple poses, you all remember Haruna, right?
While were on the subject of posing, Sunnazi's girl takes it a step further. Wow.
Shiori-mary's Mio is doing it right too... or maybe she's taking a break.
This girl belongs to 舞波
That wig is just to die for.
Hidari0928 makes a lovely impression too.
Oops.. looks like we caught cnvl's Yuki at a bad time
And saving the best for last, here's some shots from Avan, who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this month.
Maybe next time I can have an entire day free to join their group in a photo shoot.
Rie tries out the new shovel
Alas, it's not always photo shoots and glamour for our girls as Mitsuki-chan's Rie finds out. Ganbatte!
And lastly, but not the least. Here's one from Wolfheinrich for the boys.
Heritage 1881
And that's that for 2010, And from Yasuko and everyone here; Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, 聖誕快樂!メリークリスマス!

edit: couldn’t figure out why Wolfheinrich’s photo wouldn’t come out. Apparently it was set to private. Sorry about that Wolf ^^;



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