Youya has arrived.

Youya has arrived

I picked up Youya, an Iplehouse EID Asa with B version make up, when I was in HK recently. The wig, also from Iplehouse, I picked up after. Youya as I have named her, is my first full resin Asian ball jointed doll.

Just a quick Etymology of her name. Her full name is Youya LeiSheng (优雅雷声) – “Elegant Thunder”.  I chose it with the idea that though with hereelegance, she still carries an air of fierceness to her.  One who would not take to being side lined lightly.

And as my first full resin, my first impression was, “My god is she heavy.”  Probably weighs as much as my 3 Dollfie Dreams combined, maybe even more. She’s also significantly taller, standing at 65cm. It also means that none of the DD outfits I have fits her. Read: more purchases or I have got to earn my merit badge in sewing.  Oh, lordy~ I need to find me a better paying job. Some where in Hong Kong would be most inviting.

For the people who’ve seen her in person, she’s gotten a lot of comments that her face looks eerily real. What do you guys think?

Will be putting more pics of her soon when I get to have more photos taken.



  1. wow that’s heavy !! xD
    she has such lovely eyes ~

    and you should move to hong kong xD i’ll be moving back soon too it seems ~ in a years time or so that is =x

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