Funky iPhone 4 cases

So you’ve got yourself an iPhone4.. along with the 50 other folks in the MRT. And along with your desires to be unique in a sea of Nokias and Blackberrys, you find yourself again ubiquitous among a school of iPhones. So you change your wallpaper, ring tone and for an adventurous few, jailbreak it.  It still doesn’t change the fact that you’re holding a hunk expensive silicon chips encased in ABS plastic and stainless steel with, maybe, a rubber bumper stopper around it.

If you really want to  make your $600 Apple branded doodad really stand out?  Then just might have the thing for you.  Up for pre-order, is a line of funky and attention grabbing iPhone 4 cases from Poddities in Japan.  I sense these things will get snapped up fast.  Not only do they make your iPhone look good, they also protect them from dings and scratches.

Designed specifically for iPhone 4’s, these cases are made from light weight polycarbonate and should keep your precious protected from a good number of things the elements would chuck at you.  Just don’t expect it to stop a bullet or drop it from the top of the Burj Khalifa.

I’d get that Famicom looking case in a jiffy if only I had an iPhone4.  But I’m not about to ditch my 8gb “iPooed” touch.  It’s not exactly an uber toy but it serves my interests. That and the case I got for it isn’t too shabby either.


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